Trophy is a competition for curlers (no age restrictions) with teams comprised of four female players.


  • Dates, Deadlines and Locations

    Provincial FinalStart Date     
    Midland Curling ClubDecember 6, 2017Scoreboard

    Provincial QualifierProvincial Qualifier LocationStart DateEntry Deadline 
    AGananoque Curling Club11/17/1711/05/17REGISTER
    BPort Perry Community Curling Club11/17/1711/05/17REGISTER
    CPenetanguishene Curling Club11/17/1711/05/17REGISTER
    DSt. Marys Curling Club11/17/1711/05/17REGISTER

  • Rules and Competitor Guides

    • All competitors must be citizens or residents of Canada.
    • At time of online entry, all players and coaches must provide the OCA a signed waiver form (Exhibit # 6) which may require the signature of a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under the legal age (18) of majority in order to be eligible to compete.
    • The curling aid commonly referred to as a “delivery stick” shall be permitted at any level of this competition.
    • By entering an Ontario Curling Association competition, each player thereby agrees:
      • a) to act in accordance with and be bound by the rules and policies of the Ontario Curling Association and, where applicable, Curling Canada; and
      • b) if the player wins the right to do so, to compete in successive levels of the competition except where prevented by unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.

    2018/2019 Rules Supplement (coming soon)

    Competitor Guide 

  • Past Champions

    2018Royal Canadian Curling ClubChrissy Cadorin Joanne CurtisJulia WeagleSarah Jagger
    2017Guelph Curling ClubTina MazerolleAllison SinghErin CookHeather Cook
    2016Guelph Curling ClubKathy BrownAmanda GebhardtErin CookAllison Singh
    2015Arthur & Area Curling ClubTracey JonesJenny BodzShannon SmeltzerJanna Crane
    2014Oshawa Curling ClubAlison GoringLisa HogleDeb McPhaddenLori McCluskey
    2013Guelph Curling ClubKathy Brown Karin IsslerAmanda GebhardtNancy Woods
    2012Brant Curling ClubDianne DykstraMelanie DeShutterAllison SinghErin Cook
    2011Shelburne Curling ClubKristy RussellMichelle Gray Kathy FreureJessica Popovic
    2010Rideau Curling ClubTracy SamaanTanya CourchesneMonique QuailLing Yue Hung
    2009Guelph Curling ClubCarol JacksonLaura Davis-CookKaryn IsslerBecky Philpott
    2008Rideau Curling ClubTracy SamaanPatricia HillMonique RobertJanie Wall
    2007Orangeville Curling ClubKristy RussellKathy FreurePaula DonohoeHelen Jenkins
    2006Burlington Curling ClubNancy HarrisonJeannie DaviesTerri MartyniukLuann Gray
    2005Ilderton Curling ClubAmie CowardKimberly TuckJennie UrbshottChristine Hinsperger
    2004Galt Curling ClubDawn SherkAmanda VanderspankDianne DykstraJennifer Hampsey
    2003Port Perry Community Curling ClubKelly EvansCarol JacksonAndrea LambHeather Burnside
    2002Ottawa Curling ClubEveline ShawLaurie ShieldsAndrea LeganchukSue Kollar
    1999Ottawa Curling ClubLaurie ShieldsBarb WheatleyAndrea LeganchukSandra Ribey
    1997Galt Curling ClubLouise O'BrienTricia SinclairKathy WilkinsJanet O'Callaghan
    1996Royal Canadian Curling ClubWendy TurnerMichele EatonLynn MephamWendy Inouye
    1995Royal Canadian Curling ClubWendy TurnerPala GillisLynn MephamWendy Inouye
    1994Humber Highland Curling ClubKaren GardinerNancy CarssLisa AnglinMary Jane Caroll
    1993Board of Trade Country ClubRobin MacDonaldChris HushagenJoanne DumanskiHelen Horsman
    1987East York Curling ClubIris EmpeyDiane StoneSandy McPhieJoan Arnold
    1986Kitchener-Waterloo Granite ClubLaura Davis-CookGladys O'HaraLynda MacRaeJanet Wall
    1985Trenton Curling ClubJo-Ann VatersKitty JenkinsMelanie TurnerTerry Hope
    1984Dundas Granite ClubMarilyn JohnstonJan AugustyynJane WildRona Yallup
    1983St. Thomas Curling ClubSandy HushagenJody KlineJanet McKinlayKathy McKee
    1982Kitchener-Waterloo Granite ClubSue LaurinLaura Davis-CookGladys O'HaraLynda Collins
    1981Humber Highland Curling ClubChris HushagenDeb DybvigHeather EnglishHelen MacRae
    1980Dundas Granite Curling ClubSheila CollinsJane WildPenny MiltonMarilyn Johnston
    1979Garrison Curling ClubAl BaldwinJean ShanklandFlo BahnsenMuriel Rose
    1978Galt Country ClubAnne DunnJoanne DolanKim HartleyAnnelia Brewer
    1977East York Curling ClubIris EmpeyDiane StoneLynda WillsLynn Ingram
    1976East York Curling ClubIris EmpeyDiane StoneLynda WillsLynn Ingram
    1975East York Curling ClubIris EmpeyDiane StoneLynda MitchellHeather Harris
    1974Leaside Curling ClubNorrie SmithJoan McKinleyJane GoringDorothy Curtis
    1973Galt Country ClubAnne ValeJoanne DolanKaren GrahamAnnelei Meissner
    1972Royal Canadian Curling ClubLeslie PearceOrlea BrokenshireKaren SempleSharon Downer
    1971Lindsay Curling ClubSandra ReynoldsArlene GrillsBrenda McLeanBarbara Boyd
    1970Royal Canadian Curling ClubNorrie SmithPhyllis McMurdoDiane StewartPat Glenday
    1969Weston Golf & Country ClubDot SmerdonAnn GilmoreMarianne LacebyGert Hand
    1968Tam Heather Curling ClubJaye GrahamBillie DinsdaleValma KillhamLola Fox
    1967North Bay Granite ClubBetty SimAnita GeorgeJean ParkerHilda Bramford
    1966North Bay Granite ClubBetty SimAnita GeorgeMrs. Flip EyolfsonHilda Bramford
    1965Kingston Curling ClubBonnie BurnsEv GolloglyDianne SeniorBrenda Kuluk
    1964Ontario Hydro Curling ClubMrs. Cec RustonYvonne HuttonMyrtle LambJune Brittain
    1963Kitchener-Waterloo Granite ClubMary GrayJean PriceArlene SteepMyrtle Shuh
    Kitchener-Waterloo Granite ClubMary GrayJean PriceArlene SteepMyrtle Shuh