Women’s Tankard

Women’s Tankard is a competition for adult curlers (17+) which means athletes born on or before December 31, 2002.  With teams comprised of eight female players.


  • Dates, Deadlines and Locations

    Provincial FinalStart Date     
    Annandale Golf & Curling ClubApril 5, 2020

    QualifierLocationStart DateEntry Deadline
    1North Grenville Curling Club 03/28/20Mar 15
    2Huntley Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15
    3Sutton Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15
    4Bayview Golf & Country Club03/28/20Mar 15
    5Barrie Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15
    6KW Granite Club 03/28/20Mar 15
    7Welland Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15
    8Sarnia Golf & Curling Club 03/28/20Mar 15

    Provincial QualifierProvincial Qualifier LocationStart Date
    AQuinte Curling Club04/04/20
    BPort Perry Community Curling Club 04/04/20
    CBradford & District Curling Club04/04/20
    DDundas Granite Curling Club04/04/20

  • Rules and Competitor Guides

    • All competitors must be citizens or residents of Canada.
    • At time of online entry, all players and coaches must provide the OCA a signed waiver form (Exhibit # 6) which may require the signature of a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under the legal age (18) of majority in order to be eligible to compete.
    • The curling aid commonly referred to as a “delivery stick” shall be permitted at any level of this competition.
    • By entering an Ontario Curling Association competition, each player thereby agrees:
      • a) to act in accordance with and be bound by the rules and policies of the Ontario Curling Association and, where applicable, Curling Canada; and
      • b) if the player wins the right to do so, to compete in successive levels of the competition except where prevented by unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.

    2019/2020 Rules Supplement
    2019 Competitor Guide (Coming Soon)

    Competitor Guide 

  • Past Champions

    2017Bayview Golf & Country ClubJulie HastingsJeanette SooKaren McCullochJennifer Stemerdink
    2017Bayview Golf & Country ClubCheryl McPhersonAndrea LawesEdith AndersonJackie Horner
    2016St. Mary's Curling ClubAmie ShackletonCatherine WallisKristin DeBrabandereLaura Leitch
    2015Ilderton Curling ClubAmie ShakeltonCharlene Haluk McMahonKelly AckermanLaura Leitch
    2015Ilderton Curling ClubBeth HeinrichsSandra CowellJennie HertnerJen Chapman
    2014Uxbridge & District Curling ClubSusan McKnightJennifer McKnightKaren RowsellJenny Whetham
    2014Uxbridge & District Curling ClubMarg McKnightJoanne CurtisCindy McKnightAndrea Bell
    2013Ilderton Curling ClubBeth HeinrichsSandra CowellJennie HertnerJen Chapman
    2013Ilderton Curling ClubAmie ShakeltonKelly AckermanJordan ArissLaura Leitch
    2012Bayview Golf & Country ClubJoanne HeffernanJackie HornerKaren McCullochJen Stemerdink
    2012Bayview Golf & Country ClubJulie HastingsJeanette SooLisa ReillyMelissa Hogg Cunningham
    2011Uxbridge & District Curling ClubCindy McKnightSusan FroudMarg McKnightKristen Jackson
    2011Uxbridge & District Curling ClubSusan McKnightJennifer McKnightKaren RowsellTina Ruhl
    2010Glendale Golf & Country ClubBrit O'NeillStephanie GrayLyndsey WilsonJenn Minchin
    2010Glendale Golf & Country ClubStacey BrandwoodPeggy WrightDeb RedrupLindsay Puddicombe
    2009Orangeville Curling ClubMichelle GrayBarb HulsePatti ChannellHelen Jenkins
    2009Orangeville Curling ClubKristy RussellJenn EllardKathy FreureJessica Popovic
    2008Ilderton Curling ClubSara GatchellKim TuckFiona MuirheadJordan Ariss
    2008Ilderton Curling ClubAmie CowardKelly AckermanJennie AckermanChristine Hinsperger
    2007Bayview Golf & Country ClubChristy TrombleyJeanette SooAndrea LawesMichele Gower
    2007Bayview Golf & Country ClubJoanne Heffernan Juanita SoutarKaren McullochKathy Millar
    2006Orangeville Curling ClubMichelle GrayKathy FreureTamara NeilsonHelen Jenkins
    2006Orangeville Curling ClubKristy RussellRichelle NeilsonPatti ChannellPat Russell
    2005Ilderton Curling ClubKerry LackieSarah Jane GatchellCatherine CassidyLori Clarke
    2005Ilderton Curling ClubAmie CowardKimberly TuckJennie UrbshottChristine Hinsperger
    2004Ilderton Curling ClubKerry LackieSarah Jane GatchellCatherine CassidyLori Clarke
    2004Ilderton Curling ClubAmie CowardKimberly TuckJennie UrbshottChristine Hinsperger
    2003Ilderton Curling ClubAmie CowardKimberly TuckJennie UrbshottChristine Hinsperger
    2003Ilderton Curling ClubMiss N. GillumG. PriceMaude MalloryNellie Marshall
    2002Ottawa Curling ClubEveline ShawLaurie ShieldsMargaret ProssSue Kollar
    2002Ottawa Curling ClubMrs. GreenMrs. MikelMrs. AllenHelen Wallbridge
    2001Ottawa Curling ClubEveline ShawLaurie ShieldsMargaret ProssSue Kollar
    2001Ottawa Curling ClubMrs. W.P. RobinsonJ. McDermidM. ThompsonMrs. W.H. Burns
    2000Boulevard ClubAnn PearsonLinda MiddletonBeth EdneyPat Thompson
    2000Boulevard ClubSherri EnnisCatherine GlynnKaryn IsslerJen Issler
    1999Miss RennieMrs. AlexanderMrs. GrahamMrs. Myles
    1998Mrs. ShawMrs. CorkMrs. Myles
    1997Listowel Curling ClubElka AitkenMarion BristoweMarg SorensonAndrea Eskritt
    1997Listowel Curling ClubMrs. JellettMrs. WadeMiss McDermidMrs. Henderson
    1996St. Thomas Curling ClubDaphne FergusonSue BrownDawn ClintonMelony Ferns
    1996St. Thomas Curling ClubMrs. ShawMrs. SoulesMrs. BlackburnMrs. Wilson
    1995Burlington Curling ClubWendy MorganDiana SimpsonDaphne SmithChristine Montgomery
    1995Burlington Curling ClubMrs. MoorehouseMrs, J.F. GoodchildMrs. H.P. TempleMrs. V.H. MacWilliams
    1994Sarnia Golf & curling ClubJean CoreyEleanor BuchserJanet BlairSylvia Nimetz
    1994Sarnia Golf & curling ClubMrs. Wilson
    1993Avonlea Curling ClubCindy BishopCarolyn GorrillLinda ConnollyJudy Llloyd
    1993Avonlea Curling ClubMrs. NettlefieldMrs. MacWilliamsMrs. TempleMrs. Warren
    1992Miss F. GladmanMrs. R.H. TurnerMrs. CressmanMrs. A.W. Turner
    1991Mrs. MoorehouseMrs. AgarMrs. WitchallMrs. Lucas
    1990Mrs. BulleyMrs. PepallMrs. GranthamMrs. Copp
    1989Mrs. E.B. NettlefieldE. MacGregorMrs. R.F. SegsworthMrs. H.P. Temple
    1988Mrs. BulleyMrs. AgarMrs. MacWilliamsMrs. Lindsay
    1987Boulevard ClubPat ReidCarmel O'MalleySue RumseyMerle Drew
    1987Boulevard ClubMrs. AgarMrs. LindsayMrs. MacWilliamsMrs. Mitchell
    1986Boulevard ClubPat ReidPat ReidSue RumseyMerle Drew
    1986Boulevard ClubMrs. AgarMrs. LindsayMrs. Grantham
    1985North Halton Golf & Country ClubShirley McDermotDonna BlightLois MasseyMary Black
    1985North Halton Golf & Country ClubMrs. WhytockMrs. AbelMrs. EllisMrs. Drombie
    1984Burlington Golf & Country ClubAnne AndersonDiane HackettJean CliffeVicki Rooney
    1984Burlington Golf & Country ClubMrs. BulleyMrs. PepallMrs. KeaneMrs. Medland
    1983Oshawa Curling ClubPeg CleminsonLois McLaughlinRita WrubelLinda Stewart
    1983Oshawa Curling Club
    1982Royal Canadian Curling ClubNorie SmithSandy ShannonGinny HughesSher Myatt
    1982Royal Canadian Curling Club
    1981Humber Highland Curling ClubJill GreenwoodLou HawkeChris HushagenMerle Drew
    1981Humber Highland Curling Club
    1980Guelph Curling ClubCarolyn NunnBarbara GamsbyHelen GrahamPauline Gross
    1980Guelph Curling Club
    1979St. Thomas Curling ClubBeth LuftsAnne Mae PearceJinx WeiseVeronia Thomas
    1979St. Thomas Curling Club
    1978Tam Heather Curling ClubThea LangeMargaret MagnumMarjorie CoquhounNancy Prentice
    1978Tam Heather Curling Club
    1977Midland Curling ClubShirley StokesWilma GarmesDoreen McCurryJune Walton
    1977Midland Curling Club
    1976Tam Heather Curling ClubThea LangeMarg MagnanNancy PrenticeVera Edmundson
    1976Tam Heather Curling Club
    1975Avonlea Curling ClubJoesephine JohnstonePeggy MooreBeverley PhillipsMary Chin
    1975Avonlea Curling Club
    1974Humber Highland Curling ClubJoan DrennenJune MainprizeRae LittleRita Smith
    1974Humber Highland Curling Club
    1973Guelph Curling ClubIrma BildfellClara KaczorowskiMary KahleJoyce Raisneck
    1973Guelph Curling Club
    1972Kingston Curling ClubBette ReidCleo DurrantMae LoweBarbara Lemmon
    1972Kingston Curling Club
    1971Brampton Curling ClubBea LentNorah CarruthersShirley WilsonCarol McLean
    1971Brampton Curling Club
    1970Tam Heather Curling ClubEstelle MahoodMarilyn LewerRuth PerryCarol Wenner
    1970Tam Heather Curling Club
    1969St. Thomas Curling ClubMrs. Stan CurtisDaphne FergusonMrs. H. MoonMrs. Don Grant
    1969St. Thomas Curling Club
    1968Oakville Curling ClubIola ButteryMrs. G.M. WrightMrs. M.E. KewleyMrs. C. Compton-Smith
    1968Oakville Curling Club
    1967Thornhill Curling ClubAudrey SlaterMrs. W. AppletonMrs. K. SinclairMrs. A. Andrews
    1976Thornhill Curling Club
    1965Galt Curling ClubAnne SchreiberMrs. M. WrightMrs. N. FindlayMrs. G. Kersell
    1965Galt Curling Club
    1964Sarnia Golf & Country ClubHelen Lewis Mrs. Ralph BrockNan KehlerMrs. H. Elliott
    1964Sarnia Golf & Country Club
    1963Royal Canadian Curling ClubIsobel SheehanMrs. F.E. CashmoreMrs. H.O. WhitmanMrs. J.H. Martin
    1963Royal Canadian Curling Club
    1962Sarnia Ladies Curling ClubMrs. B. BaldwinMrs. R. HeartwellMrs. J. FleetMrs. J. Vollmar
    1962Sarnia Ladies Curling Club
    1961Sarnia Ladies Curling ClubMrs. S. LewisMrs. R. BrockMrs. G. KehlerMrs. C.A. Chalmers
    1961Sarnia Ladies Curling Club
    1960Oshawa Curling ClubPhyliss FordhamMolly JenkinMerlee LawrenceMarj Jacobi
    1960Oshawa Curling Club
    1959Oshawa Curling ClubPhyliss FordhamMolly JenkinMerlee LawrenceMarj Jacobi
    1959Oshawa Curling ClubMrs. T. GillespieMrs. A.N. BurnsMrs. J.B. BaileyMrs. W.C. Atkinson
    1958Scarboro Golf & Country ClubMrs. J.B. SeawrightMrs. A StricklandMrs. C.V. HoarMrs. W.P. Lawson
    1958Scarboro Golf & Country ClubAudrea GorrieEffie HezzelwoodDorothy RobbinsMarion Campbell
    1957Ktichener-Waterloo Granite ClubEdna TeskeyJean BeardsleyVeryl FinlayAnne Trussler
    1957Ktichener-Waterloo Granite ClubEffie HezzelwoodDorothy RobbinsMrs. E. StoneMarion Campbell
    1956Brant Curling ClubMrs. G. BeardMrs. W.D. HurleyMrs. G. EllisMrs. B. Kerr
    1956Brant Curling ClubMrs. B. BaldwinMrs. R. HackneyMrs. A. ThibodeauMrs. R. Kowcinak
    1955Toronto Ladies Curling ClubLaura CottleMrs. A.J. SimonIsabel ArmstrongMrs. G.E. Lillico
    1955Toronto Ladies Curling ClubMrs. J.H. LewisMrs. G. KehlerMs. R. KowcinakMrs. C. Chalmers
    1954Toronto Granite ClubEmily WoolleyMrs. H.R. SmithJane ClarkMrs. H.J. Coon
    1954Toronto Granite ClubJan BrisboisLenore CavillMrs. O.M. BairdMrs. H. Palmer
    1953Toronto Granite ClubEmily WoolleyMrs. H.R. SmithJane ClarkMrs. H.J. Coon
    1953Toronto Granite ClubMrs. F.C. SmythMrs. David ArmstrongMrs. Harold PottsMrs. F. Kumchy
    1952Toronto Granite ClubEmily WoolleyMrs. H.R. SmithJane ClarkMrs. W.G. Grant
    1952Toronto Granite ClubMrs. J. BabcockMrs. D. GrandyMrs. R. Van WagonerMrs. C. Mitchell
    1951Toronto Granite ClubMrs. C. RobertsonMrs. C.E. SpoonerMrs. R.N. AmellMrs. J.A. Muir
    1951Toronto Granite ClubMrs. D. ScottMrs. J. McAlpineMrs. b. BarracloughMrs. C. Kilty
    1950Toronto Granite ClubMrs. C. RobertsonMrs. C.E. SpoonerMrs. R.N. AmellMrs. J.A. Muir
    1950Toronto Granite ClubSheila RaneyMrs. R. DyeMrs. J. TomMrs. F. Anderson
    1949High Park Curling ClubMrs. M.C. CodeMrs. C.L. EatonMrs. J.W. McDonaldMrs. D. Norman
    1949High Park Curling ClubEleanor CraddockMRs. R.C. MonaghanMrs. W.D. FinlayMrs. S. Johnstone
    1948Toronto Granite ClubMrs. C. RobertsonMrs. C.E. SpoonerMrs. R.N. AmellMrs. J.A. Muir
    1948Toronto Granite ClubMrs. D. FairweatherMrs. F. J. BealeMrs. G.J. DuftyMrs. G.E. Tilford
    1947Sarnia Curling ClubEmily WoolleyMrs. H.R. SmithJane ClarkMrs. J.D. Bradley
    1947Sarnia Curling ClubJudy TrentJean MurrayGwen HallRuth Gibson
    1946Toronto Granite ClubMrs. W.E. PepallMrs. C. RobertsonMrs. F.G. HoblitzelMrs. R.G. McCleary
    1946Toronto Granite ClubDixie RhodesRuth BryansMrs. Frances McLeanMrs. Gerry Watt
    1945Sarnia Curling ClubEmily WoolleyDadie SmithJane ClarkMrs. H. Taylor
    1945Sarnia Curling ClubKay O'NeillShirley KeelyCarol AppletonNoreen Sugarman
    1944Bobcaygeon Curling ClubAnne McIntoshMrs. R.G. ScottMrs. A.R. BottomMrs. E.T. Gordon
    1944Bobcaygeon Curling ClubJoyce BlackburnBarb GamsbyCarolyn NunnMarjorie Howchin
    1943Bobcaygeon Curling ClubAnne McIntoshMrs. R.G. ScottMrs. A.R. BottomMrs. E.T. Gordon
    1943Bobcaygeon Curling ClubNina MutchYvonne SmithSheila IsaacSandy Widdis
    1942Toronto Granite ClubMrs. C. BulleyMrs. W.E. PepallMrs. R.J. McClearyMrs. N. Smith
    1942Toronto Granite ClubBarbara RankinDorothy HartBeverley RowanMuriel Smith
    1941Sarnia Curling ClubEmily WoolleyDadie SmithJane ClarkKay Weir
    1941Sarnia Curling ClubClaudette MorrisonMarcia MorrowCarolyn CreaserMary Kawaja
    1940High Park Curling ClubMrs. E.T. EllisMrs. J.W. MacDonaldMrs. M.C. CodeMrs. D. Norman
    1940High Park Curling ClubLynn MortonVivian StokesDiane VollickBerti Ehler
    1939Sarnia Curling ClubEmily WoolleyMrs. R.H. SmithJane ClarkMrs. C. Weir
    1939Sarnia Curling ClubSharon Innis Donna BrownCarol MaunderRosemary Hibbard
    1938Toronto Granite ClubMrs. J.T. AgarEmily WoolleyMrs. E. PepallMrs. W.E. Young
    1938Toronto Granite ClubAnne DayDonna FlorcykSandy FergusonSue Waite
    1937Toronto Granite ClubMrs. H.M. RobertsonMrs. T.J. AgarEmily WoolleyMrs. W.E. Young
    1937Toronto Granite ClubJoyce BlackburnDonna HenryPat KobylnikDonna Simpson
    1936Strathcona Curling ClubMrs. S.C. YoungMrs. C.H. BreretonMrs. C. CodeMrs. V. Carlisle
    1936Strathcona Curling ClubWyn HushagenRae LittleJane ButcherSandra Duncan
    1935Toronto Granite ClubMrs. RobertsonMrs. AgarMrs. LindsayMrs. Pepall
    1935Toronto Granite ClubCarol ThompsonLynda KavanaghFran PassmoreJoan Ambridge
    1934Toronto Granite ClubMrs. AgarMrs. V. MacWilliamsEmily WoolleyPrs. Pepall
    1934Toronto Granite ClubJackie CollinsBonnie SimcoeDarlene JenkinsGerda Smith
    1933Toronto Granite ClubMrs. AgarMrs. V. MacWilliamsEmily WoolleyMrs. Robertson
    1933Toronto Granite ClubShirley PyperJenny SweeneyJoan ReidAnne Mathieson
    1932Thornhill Curling ClubMrs. CaseMrs. CharleboisMrs. LewsbyMrs. Hodgson
    1932Thornhill Curling ClubJoan SharpcottMargaret SimpsonAlice FrazerEva Bradley
    1931Granite ClubMrs. BulleyMrs. PepallMrs. KearnsMrs. Medland
    1931Granite ClubSandi MortonLois ManningAnn RogersMarg Purkis
    1930Toronto Granite ClubMrs. BulleyMrs. KearnsMrs. PepallMrs. Archibald
    1930Toronto Granite ClubSandi MortonLois ManningAnn RogersMarg Purkis
    1929Toronto Granite ClubMrs. ArchibaldMrs. PepallMrs. ReidMrs. Kearns
    1929Toronto Granite Club
    1928Toronto Curling ClubMrs. D.M. RobertsonMrs. A.N. McKayMrs. P. MylesMrs. H. Patterson
    1928Toronto Curling Club
    1927Toronto Granite ClubMrs. AgaarMrs. GallagherMrs. Archibald
    1927Toronto Granite Club
    1926Toronto Granite ClubMrs. NettlefieldMrs. MacWilliamsMrs. ArchibaldMrs. Pepall
    1926Toronto Granite Club
    1925Peterborough Curling ClubMrs. W.H. HillMrs. J.H. VernorMrs. GrantMrs. Jamieson
    1925Peterborough Curling Club
    1924Toronto Queen CityMrs. MoorehouseMrs. TobinMrs. AgarMrs. Barfoot
    1924Toronto Queen CityJanet BrackleyDeborah BakerAnne AthertonBeverly Purvis
    1923Toronto Queen CityMrs. Boyd
    1923Toronto Queen CityDiane WerezakSheila ReidNoela GarkGen Kennedy
    1922Toronto Granite ClubMrs. NettlefieldMrs. A.F. SprattMrs. T.J. AgarMrs. W.F. Warren
    1922Toronto Granite ClubNancy HarrisonEleonore VachonKaren CockshuttJeannie Davis
    1921Toronto Curling ClubMrs. CorkMrs. ThompsonMrs. GallagherMrs. Smith
    1921Toronto Curling ClubSandy FergusonJoyce HepburnBonnie HepburnOlive Sullivan
    1920Toronto Granite ClubMrs. RobinsonMrs. StikemanMrs. RobertsonMrs. Crocker
    1920Toronto Granite ClubJoanne DahlJoan TomanMary Ellen ConnersShirley Woods
    1919Toronto Granite ClubMiss RennieMrs. AlexanderMrs. ArchibaldMrs. Graham
    1919Toronto Granite Club
    1918Toronto Granite ClubMrs. BulleyMrs. WilsonMrs. CorkMrs. Archibald
    1918Toronto Granite Club
    1917Toronto Curling ClubMrs. NettlefieldMrs. SucklingMrs. CorkMrs. Mills
    1917Toronto Curling Club
    1916Toronto Ladies Curling ClubMrs. JellettM. BoydMrs. C.L. BenedictMrs. R.F. Segsworth
    1916Toronto Ladies Curling ClubJoyce PotterMuriel PotterJanelle SadlerFaye Linesman
    1915Belleville Ladies Curling ClubMrs. CookNellie MarshallG. PriceWanda Riggs
    1915Belleville Ladies Curling ClubJoyce PotterMuriel PotterJanelle SadlerFaye Linesman
    1914Belleville Ladies Curling ClubMrs. W.J. CookHelen WallbridgeMrs. W.C. MikelWanda Riggs
    1914Belleville Ladies Curling ClubKerry LackieSara Jane GatchellCatherine CassidyLori Clarke