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Travelers Men’s Club Championship

up-TravCurling_Ontario_2.3.15_sm_web_The Travelers Men’s Club Championship is a competition for adult curlers (19+) which means athletes born on or before November 1, 1999.  With teams comprised of four male players.

Registration opens September 10th, 2018


  • Dates, Deadlines and Locations

    Provincial FinalStart Date    
    KW Granite ClubOctober 26, 2018

    ZoneZone LocationStart DateEntry Deadline
    1Cornwall Curling Centre10/19/18Oct 9
    2Cornwall Curling Centre10/19/18Oct 9
    3Cornwall Curling Centre10/19/18Oct 9
    4West Northumberland Curling Club10/19/18Oct 9
    5West Northumberland Curling Club10/19/18Oct 9
    6West Northumberland Curling Club10/19/18Oct 9
    7Bayview Golf & Country Club10/19/18Oct 9
    8Bayview Golf & Country Club10/19/18Oct 9
    9The Club at North Halton10/19/18Oct 9
    10The Club at North Halton10/19/18Oct 9
    11The Club at North Halton10/19/18Oct 9
    12Niagara Falls Curling Club10/19/18Oct 9
    13Niagara Falls Curling Club10/19/18Oct 9
    14Highland Country Club10/19/18Oct 9
    15Highland Country Club10/19/18Oct 9
    16Highland Country Club10/19/18Oct 9

  • Rules and Competitor Guides

    • The curling aid commonly referred to as a “delivery stick” shall be permitted at any level of this competition.
    • By entering an Ontario Curling Association competition, each player thereby agrees:
      • a) to act in accordance with and be bound by the rules and policies of the Ontario Curling Association and, where applicable, Curling Canada; and
      • b) if the player wins the right to do so, to compete in successive levels of the competition except where prevented by unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.

    Travelers Special Rules & Eligibility

    2018/2019 Rules Supplement
    2019 Competitor Guide (Coming Soon)

    Competitor Guide

  • Past Champions

    2018Cornwall Curling CentreMatthew DupuisTerry LitchJohn KingCharles Wert
    2017Richmond Hill Curling Club Jon St. DenisSteven AndersonPeter Laidlaw Jordan Keon
    2016Cataraqui Golf & Country ClubWesley ForgetDavid StaplesGraham RathwellSandy Staples
    2015Palmerston Curling ClubMike BenjaminsKevin RossJeff FotheringhanDon Wilkin
    2014Cataraqui Golf & Country ClubMike HullMatt MillsLuke JohnsonLucas Parafianowicz
    2013Kitchener-Waterloo Granite ClubBrent GrayGeoff ChambersBrian GrayAnthony Silvestro
    2012Richmond Hill Curling ClubJordan KeonCurtis SamoyTrevor TalbottMichael Keon
    2011Richmond Hill Curling ClubGreg BalsdonJordan KeonCurtis SamoyKevin Roberts
    2010Annandale Country ClubChris Van HuyseTim MarchPat JanssenTyler Anderson
    2009Chatham Granite ClubRobert Stafford Ben CurtisMark PattersonEd DeShutter