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Registration Open: January 15th, 2020

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Skill Awards

This program is designed for young curlers. With 6 Levels ranging from Little Rock to the Gold Star, each has a different set of skill requirements. A certificate and crest is awarded for each level completed.


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Little Rock Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for Little Rockers aged 6 – 8
Lesson plans for Little Rockers aged 9 – 11

Rocks & Rings

The highly popular in-school program Rocks and Rings is a proven method to introduce young people to the game and is endorsed by CurlON. Arrangements are made directly with the Rocks and Rings organizers.

The Rocks & Rings program is designed to introduce the Olympic sport of curling to elementary school children. By bringing the curling rink to the school gym students are reached that would otherwise not have access to the roaring game. The best part? The Rocks and Rings instructor brings everything to the students – no field trip or school buses required! Curling is a highly social sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. It is a fantastic physical activity that is fun for all ages and abilities. It also promotes sportsmanship and camaraderie and is an inexpensive and less dangerous alternative to many other sports. Visit the Rocks & Rings Website
Rocks and Rings is coordinated directly with the Rock Solid Production team. After you are in the Rocks and Rings site, then click ‘CONTACT‘. Choose Ontario and click on a city to send your request for the program to visit you!