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Senior Mixed

Senior Mixed is a competition for adult curlers (Men: 50+ Women: 45+) with teams comprised of two female and two male players.

Males must be fifty (50) years or older as of December 31, 2019 which means athletes born on or before December 31, 1969.

Females must be forty-five (45) years or older as of December 31, 2019 which means athletes born on or before December 31, 1974.


  • Dates, Deadlines and Locations

    Provincial FinalStart Date     
    Elora Curling ClubApril 9, 2020

    Provincial QualifierProvincial Qualifier LocationStart DateEntry Deadline
    ACarleton Place Curling Club03/20/20Mar 8
    BRichmond Hill Curling Club03/20/20Mar 8
    CElmira & District Curling Club03/20/20Mar 8
    DWoodstock Curing Club03/20/20Mar 8

  • Rules and Competitor Guides

    • All competitors must be citizens or residents of Canada.
    • At time of online entry, all players and coaches must provide the OCA a signed waiver form (Exhibit # 6) which may require the signature of a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under the legal age (18) of majority in order to be eligible to compete.
    • The curling aid commonly referred to as a “delivery stick” shall be permitted at any level of this competition.
    • By entering an Ontario Curling Association competition, each player thereby agrees:
      • a) to act in accordance with and be bound by the rules and policies of the Ontario Curling Association and, where applicable, Curling Canada; and
      • b) if the player wins the right to do so, to compete in successive levels of the competition except where prevented by unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.

    2019/2020 Rules Supplement
    2019 Competitor Guide (Coming Soon)

    Competitor Guide

  • Past Champions

    2019Rideau Curling ClubJP LachanceKathy KerrMike JohansenAndrea Ryan
    2018Rideau Curling ClubJP LachanceKathy KerrMike JohansenAndrea Ryan
    2017The Thornhill ClubRob LobelKarri-Lee GrantPaul MadgettAnnie Pinteric
    2016Thornhill Golf & Country ClubJim WilsonColleen MadoniaPaul MadgettKarri-Lee Grant
    2015Dundas Granite Curling ClubRick ThurstonLisa MillsRay LappalainenWendy Coulson
    2014Rideau Curling ClubPaul MaddenNatalie BoucherNorm HewittCarole Fujimoto
    2013Dundas Granite Curling ClubRick ThurstonLisa RuttanRay LappalainenWendy Coulson
    2012Rideau Curling ClubMike JohansenBarb KellyBob BolandDebbie Wall
    2011High Park ClubIan MacLellanJan CarwardineDave ThomasJudy MacLellan
    2010Guleph Curling ClubWalter JohnsonCarol JacksonGerry SundwallLaura Davis-Cook
    2009Rideau Curling ClubLayne NobleBarb KellyBob BolandEveline Shaw
    2008Rideau Curling ClubLayne NobleBarb KellyBob BolandDiana Favel
    2007Dixie Curling ClubBob GarvinAnn PearsonDon PearsonCarolyn Edison
    2006Guelph Curling ClubBruce McRaeLaura Davis-CookJim CorriganSue Laurin
    2005Navan Curling ClubNorm ClementDiana FavelMarc LegaultDenise Clement
    2004Galt Curling ClubFrank GowmanRosemary GowmanKen CoxBrenda Clark
    2003Ottawa Curling ClubRandy GralandEveline ShawRoger ShawMargaret Pross
    2002Trenton Curling ClubBill HopeSandy HopeTom AlloreMaureen Allore
    2001Trenton Curling ClubBill HopeSandy HopeTom AlloreMaureen Allore
    2000Ottawa Curling ClubReg PlasterDonna LamoureuxRandy GarlandDianne Sullivan
    1999St. Catharines Golf & Country ClubGary HolmesGloria CampbellDave MathewsMartha Gruhl
    1998Galt Country ClubMerv RobertsAnne DunnBruce NormanLinda Marchuk
    1997Ottawa Curling ClubPaul EngelbrechtBonnie MathesonRod MAthesonDarlene Engelbrecht
    1996Uxbridge & District Curling ClubBill GeerElaine StevensonBill HarwoodSuzanne Geer
    1995City View Curling ClubGary SmithMarian DupontRon BrownBarb Sunderland
    1994City View Curling ClubGary SmithMarian DupontRon BrownBarb Sunderland
    1993Uxbridge & District Curling ClubBill GeerElaine StevensonBill HarwoodDianne Whitmarsh
    1992Granite Curling Club of West OttawaGlenn MacLeodEunice MacLeodBrian KellyWendy Kelly
    1991Richmond Hill Curling ClubArt LobelShirley LobelWes DraperCarole Draper
    1990St. Catharines Golf & Country ClubGarry HolmesGloria CampbellBruce MilliganCarol Henderson
    1989London Curling ClubBill Dunlop Anne ShawDave ShawBarb Dunlop
    1988Highland Country ClubSam McBride
    1987Kingston Curling ClubLefty McDonaldMargaret McDonaldJack CliffEsther Cliff
    1986Gananoque Curling ClubGrover Clare
    1985Humber Highland Curling ClubEarle HushagenWyn HushagenBert BaragarAnn Baragar