Silver Tankard

Silver Tankard is a competition for adult curlers (17+) which means athletes born on or before December 31, 2002.  With teams comprised of eight male players.

  • Dates, Deadlines and Locations

    Provincial FinalStart Date     
    Annandale Golf & Curling ClubApril 5, 2020

    QualifierLocationStart DateEntry Deadline
    1North Grenville Curling Club 03/28/20Mar 15
    2Huntley Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15
    3Sutton Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15
    4Bayview Golf & Country Club03/28/20Mar 15
    5Barrie Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15
    6KW Granite Club 03/28/20Mar 15
    7Welland Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15
    8Sarnia Golf & Curling Club03/28/20Mar 15

    Provincial QualifierProvincial Qualifier LocationStart Date
    AQuinte Curling Club04/04/20
    BPort Perry Community Curling Club 04/04/20
    CBradford & District Curling Club04/04/20
    DDundas Granite Curling Club04/04/20

  • Rules and Competitor Guides

    • All competitors must be citizens or residents of Canada.
    • At time of online entry, all players and coaches must provide the OCA a signed waiver form (Exhibit # 6) which may require the signature of a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under the legal age (18) of majority in order to be eligible to compete.
    • The curling aid commonly referred to as a “delivery stick” shall be permitted at any level of this competition.
    • By entering an Ontario Curling Association competition, each player thereby agrees:
      • a) to act in accordance with and be bound by the rules and policies of the Ontario Curling Association and, where applicable, Curling Canada; and
      • b) if the player wins the right to do so, to compete in successive levels of the competition except where prevented by unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.

    2019/2020 Rules Supplement
    2019 Competitor Guide (Coming Soon)


  • Past Champions

    2017Brantford Golf & Country ClubChad AllenTravis FansetKurt ArmstrongMatt Pretty
    2017Brantford Golf & Country ClubTerry CorbinAndrew ClaytonJay AllenJess Bechard
    2016Royal Canadian Curling ClubRob RetchlessDavid EllisIan FlemingTed Anderson
    2016Royal Canadian Curling ClubRob AinsleyDavid MacMurdoKarl KlosPeter Stecyk
    2015Chatham Granite ClubDale KellyMark PattersonEd DeShutterBlair Willert
    2015Chatham Granite ClubJohn Young Jr.Brett DekoningGraeme RobsonJacques Van Bilsen
    2014Ottawa Curling ClubDon BowserJon BeukSpencer CooperNick Catizzone
    2014Ottawa Curling ClubChris GardnerMike McLeanJeff GuignardAndrew Hamilton
    2013Rideau Curling ClubChris GardnerJ.P. LachancePaul WinfordDan Baird
    2013Rideau Curling ClubDon BowserJonathan BeukBilly WoodsScott Chadwick
    2012Guelph Curling ClubAndrew FairfulCraig FairfullKoko GillisKim Hodgson
    2012Guelph Curling ClubRob RumbfeldtGreg RobinsonJeff RobinsonDerrick Hodgson
    2011Brockville Country ClubKeil GallingerAaron GlazierMathew HoneGord McCrady Jr.
    2011Brockville Country ClubRob BushfieldNate EtheringtonAndrew McCraeDerek MacDonald
    2010Renfrew Curling ClubBruce DelaneyRick Bachand Duncan JamiesonGeorge Mitchell
    2010Renfrew Curling ClubDamien VillardDon BowserDerek VisutskiBruce Archer
    2009Milton Curling ClubKen ArmstrongCraig ThomasDavid EllisAl Haringa
    2009Milton Curling ClubSteve OldfordDave OldfordMatt LillieJeff Thomas
    2008St. George's Golf & Country ClubBill DuckRob MelhuishDon PearsonVaughn Barnes
    2007Metcalfe Curling ClubBruce DelaneyDuncan JamiesonMike AbbottGeorge Mitchell
    2007Metcalfe Curling ClubRick BachandKen SullivanDave StanleyGreg Jamieson
    2006Milton Curling ClubKen ArmstrongScott BrownDavid EllisRon Brown
    2006Milton Curling ClubSteve OldfordDav OldfordDarrin HarknessCraig Thomas
    2005Annandale Country ClubGord NortonDave HutchinsonMarvin HarrisonRon Alexander
    2005Annandale Country ClubWarren LeslieAlex BianchiJon PayneJason March
    2004Annandale Country ClubGord NortonDave HutchinsonMarvin HarrisonRon Alexander
    2004Annandale Country ClubWarren LeslieAlex BianchiJason MarchBlair Metrakos
    2003Metcalfe Curling ClubRick BachandBob ReynoldsBrad DowMurray Donaldson
    2003Metcalfe Curling Club
    2002Orangeville Curling ClubSteve OldffordChris StoddartBrian ScottCraig Glassford
    2002Orangeville Curling Club
    2001Forest Curling ClubJoe FansetDale FansetRob ColesDave Johnston
    2001Forest Curling Club
    2000Richmond Hill Curling ClubRob ShepherdTed AndersonBill BruceDave Maxwell
    2000Richmond Hill Curling ClubJim Dyas John RumneyDon CampbellJohn Headley
    1999Brant Curling ClubBruce ParkChad AllenHugh McLeodTed Caton
    1999Brant Curling Club
    1998Rideau Curling ClubDave Van DineJ.P. LachanceBrian LewisScott Linesman
    1998Rideau Curling ClubE. PhillipEJ.W. BurtonG. RoddickJ.P. Clemes
    1997Ilderton Curling ClubWayne Tuck Jr.Tom RudlandShawn KaufmanJake Higgs
    1997Ilderton Curling ClubDavid EignerRoderick "Rory" MunroSteve LeeTom Zentner
    1996Chesley Curling ClubJeff ThompsonJerry BurrowsJason LehtovaaraTodd Zadow
    1996Chesley Curling ClubW. CristieA. NobleW.D. McIntoshDaniel Lamb
    1995Guelph Curling ClubAdam SpencerGreg RobinsonJeff RobinsonNolan Sims
    1995Guelph Curling ClubW. AdamsA. NicolR. HunterJ. Golding
    1994Beach Grove Golf & Country ClubPhil DanielRob RumfeldtDave MoncurMark Morrison
    1994Beach Grove Golf & Country ClubFrank DayusKevin DanielTom GreerBarry Piquet
    1993 Ottawa Curling ClubBrad ShinnJohn TheriaultDave KorimGeoff Colley
    1993Ottawa Curling ClubT. MainWilliam HarveyW.A. GarrettB. Perry
    1992St. Thomas Curling ClubJim Lyle Paul Van BilsenLarry CraigJeff Grieve
    1992St. Thomas Curling ClubBob ArmstrongJon MacFarlanJacques Van BilsenEd Donkers
    1991Barrie Country ClubTed McIntyreSteve PeriardPaul HarbottleRay Catton
    1991Barrie Country ClubM. CavanJas. Craigie Jr. C.E. AdamsJohn Maxwell
    1990Guelph Curling ClubBob PiottoBob BeckerFred OsburnGreg Roffey
    1990Guelph Curling ClubHi. GilliesJ. GravesJohn FergusonC. Roe
    1989Guelph Curling ClubBob PiottoDean PatzerMikey BradeyGreg Roffey
    1989Guelph Curling ClubJ. McAuslanR. VeitchR. MintoA. McAuslan
    1988Rideau Curling ClubRick Bachand
    1988Rideau Curling ClubW. RichardsonJ.S. NocholdJ.F.N. GunnJ.R. Shaw
    1987RCN (Navy) Curling ClubWayne TallonBruce DelaneyAl ArmstrongRandy Garland
    1987RCN (Navy) Curling ClubRick BachandRich MoffatDuncan JamiesonDave Collyer
    1986RCN (Navy) Curling ClubWayne TallonBruce DelaneyAl ArmstrongRandy Garland
    1986RCN (Navy) Curling ClubW. GidleyT. GageJ.T. RobinsonGeo. Bell
    1985Oshawa Curling ClubBrian Suddard
    1985Oshawa Curling ClubT.G. WilliamsonW.C. MathewsE.A. BadenachJ.W. Gale Jr.
    1984Hylands Curling ClubBruce DelaneyWayne TallonAl ArmstrongBill Merklinger
    1984Hylands Curling ClubRick BachandJim SelleyDuncan JamiesonRoy Waldron
    1983Carelton Place Curling ClubRick Bachand
    1983Carelton Place Curling ClubT.G.WilliamsonW.C. MathewsH.W. WilliamsonG.R. Hargraft
    1982Royal Canadian Curling ClubJoe GurowkaPaul CarrierePeter KibornBrian Bobbie
    1982Royal Canadian Curling ClubRoss HarrisonJim BrownDave KendiSteve McKerihen
    1981Annandale Curling ClubBob FedosaBob TurcotteBill SchultzSteve McDermot
    1981Annandale Curling ClubJim CurrieKeith LawesWayne StewartGlenn Rowlandson
    1980RCN (Navy) Curling ClubBruce Delaney Rick BachandSteve DucatAl Armstrong
    1980RCN (Navy) Curling Club Don MacLeanDave MerklingerDuncan JamiesonLovel Lord
    1979Boulevard ClubBob StollPeter TankaDoug PapeBill Swanton
    1979Boulevard ClubG.H. GoodenhamG.R. HargraftW.E. McMurtryDr. C.V. Snelgrove
    1978Annandale Curling ClubBob FedosaBob TurcotteDick HowsonAl Gates
    1978Annandale Curling ClubJim CurrieGlen RowlandsonDoug MorrisonTom Ward
    1977RCN (Navy) Curling ClubRandy LanctotDave MerklingerRick WardDon MacLean
    1977RCN (Navy) Curling ClubW. McLennanW. DundasN.F. McSewynG.F. Blackwell