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OCA Ice Team

The OCA Ice Team consists of a group of highly qualified Ice Technicians that are available to OCA member clubs at no charge* to assist with any issues they may be experiencing with their ice, equipment or facility.  Help for club Ice Technicians in getting more curl or less curl, getting rid of runs, etc. is only as far away as the telephone and if a personal visit is needed, that too can be arranged.

The Ice Team is also available at no charge to work with the club’s Board of Directors to evaluate equipment and the facility and to give advice before large amounts of money are spent.  Assessment of rocks and guidance on how to match rocks is also available.

(* The OCA Ice Team Member may negotiate a fee if extra work beyond the scope of the OCA Ice Team guidelines is requested)

Ice Team Club Visit

During a two-hour Ice Team visit, clubs can expect a visual inspection of:

  1. Ice Shed
    • De-humidification
    • Heating
    • Insulation
    • Air Space
  2. Plant
    • Equipment inventory
    • Water temperature
    • Brine Test
    • Assessment of Equipment State
  3. Equipment
    • Pebbling Can/Heads
    • Scraper
    • Blades – Nipper/Hand
    • Monitoring Equipment/Controller
    • Rocks
  4. Addressing any club specific concerns

Clubs will receive an Ice Team Visit Report which will address the concerns of the club, contain a professional opinion about the state of equipment, current practices inclusive of recommended actions.

Request an Ice Team Visit*

*As a requirement of each visit – clubs are required to complete (to the best of their ability) an Ice Plant & Facility Equipment List.  We’ll keep this Equipment list on file as a record for your insurance in the event of catastrophic loss of equipment.

The ice is an integral part of any curling club and needs regular attention. To help club ice technicians and volunteers understand the requirements the OCA Ice Team has put together a number of useful documents for download:

Ice Tech Resources

Health and Safety Program  OCA Health and Safety Program Complete

Ice Tech Reference Manual"Ice Makers Quick Reference Guide"
"Ice Plant & Facility Equipment List""Importance of dehumidification"
Jet Ice Full House Installation Video

Ice Technician Monthly Planner

Ice Technician Monthly Plan

Industry Supplier List

Industry Supplier List

Ice Team

 Ice Team MemberZones ServicedCell PhoneEmail
Jon Wall 2Jon Wall1, 2, 3, 4613-816-2956[email protected]
Mark WestMark West4, 5, 6705-328-5402[email protected]
Don PowellDon Powell7, 8, 9647-402-4259
[email protected]
Scott MuirScott Muir7, 8, 9 905-339-9858 [email protected]
Bryan WilsonBryan Wilson10, 11705-526-8497[email protected]
Darrin SinclairDave Pallen 12, 13905-931-2983[email protected]
Darrin SinclairDarrin Sinclair14, 15, 16519-835-1110[email protected]