ATTENTION: The 2018-19 CurlON Clinic Team Program has been revised. CurlON Member Clubs had the ability to apply to receive a clinic beginning June 1st, until August 31, 2018 online only. Please have your preferred primary and backup dates available at the time of application. 

For more information on the CTP, please email [email protected].

About the CurlON Clinic Team Program:

Of the 195 CurlON Member Clubs in Southern Ontario, many do not have trained or certified in-house instructors to provide formal training or coaching at the club level for curlers.

The CurlON Clinic Team Program is geared specifically towards INTERMEDIATE curlers. The CTP is NOT designed as a replacement for any Adult Learn to Curl (AL2C) program. As such, CurlON presents clinics after October 1st and will run until March 31.

To service this very important segment, CurlON provides a turn-key, group instruction program to Member Clubs, presented by highly trained and experienced Instructors who follow approved technical lesson plans within current sport practices. Clinic attendees are provided instruction on basic delivery and brushing techniques, skill analysis, and strategy development. The CurlON CTP also offers specialized “stick delivery” learning and video analysis and with applied current technologies.  As well, Clubs may build their own 3-hr clinic with selections from a variety of both on and off-ice topics.

Current Clinic Team districts include:

  • West Clinic Team (combined London, Guelph-Kitchener)
  • Hamilton-Niagara Clinic Team
  • Toronto – GTA Clinic Team
  • Muskoka District Clinic Team
  • Kawartha District Clinic Team
  • East Clinic Team (combined Kingston, Ottawa)

CurlON Member Clubs may apply for a NO-COST clinic:

To be eligible to receive a CTP Clinic AT NO-COST, Member Clubs are to submit their application beginning June 1 and must be received NO LATER THAN August 31st, 2018. Clubs may request clinics after this date at the listed clinic price found here, and based on Instructor availability. In 2017-18, the CurlON CTP presented 88 total clinics, so be advised that Instructor availability is at a premium.

CurlON will confirm all entered requests submitted by the application deadline, during the first two weeks of September (with a direct response to the club contact as submitted). Approved clubs will then be provided a link to an online form to register club attendees. This confirms clinic attendee numbers, determines final Instructor assignments, and provides attendee insights so our Team can properly prepare for the presentation of the clinic.

CTP NO-COST Clinics Criteria:

  1. Clubs with less than 200 members are entitled to one NO-COST clinic. Clubs with more than 200 members are entitled to two NO-COST clinics.
  2. Clubs requesting 2 NO-COST clinics must be run on same day, however they may be presented on two separate days with club assuming estimated additional operational costs (ie. clinician team hotel/meals).
  3. Clubs will receive up to 3 CTP Instructors (up to 24 registrants) for clinics 1, 2, 5 and 6
  4. Clubs will receive up to 3 CTP Instructors (up to 18 registrants) for Clinic #3: Video Analysis.
  5. Clubs will receive 1 CTP Instructor (up to 24 registrants) for Clinic #4: Strategy Clinic.
  6. Club to assume all costs should additional clinicians be required (including from outside their district if required).
  7. Clubs are required to use CurlON CTP clinic registration link to sign up attendees (issued at confirmation of clinic request).

To submit your Clinic Team Program request, please see and select from the information below.


  • Please be advised that although CurlON will work to confirm your request, it will very much depend on Instructor availability on the dates requested. CurlON may negotiate alternative arrangements with the club contact, if the primary request can not be facilitated as submitted.
  • For Clubs applying after the August 31st deadline, a minimum 3-week lead time submission prior to the preferred hosting date is required, to allow for confirmation of available Instructors.
  • Clubs are to provide required video (large screen TV or projector) and audio system for off-ice sessions.
  • Clubs are to complete a separate form for each clinic being requested.
  • Clinic costs after application deadline or for additional clinics is: Clinics #1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 = $250.00 + incurred travel costs & HST, Clinic #4 = $100.00 + incurred travel costs & HST (CurlON will invoice club after completion of clinic).
  • Travel costs will be absorbed in the No-Cost clinic should an additionally purchased clinic be requested and piggy-backed on the same day as the No-Cost clinic.


Clinic #1: Learn to Deliver  Request here now>>
This 3-hour clinic is ideal for a newer curler (up to 2 years of experience). With both off and on ice instruction, this clinic teaches the basics of the curling delivery – focusing on balance, correct timing and grips, turns and releases. Introductory sweeping instruction is included. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about, observe, practice and receive feedback on their deliveries and sweeping.

*Club must provide off-ice space and video equipment suitable for group.
*Not recommended for stick curlers ( see clinic 5 below)

Clinic #2: Skills Analysis  Request here now>>
This 3-hour clinic is best suited to a curler with 1-2+ years of experience. This clinic will review delivery fundamentals with an increased focus on skill analysis/fault correction. After technical review of each aspect of the delivery, participants will have an opportunity to practice the skill and receive feedback for improvement. The majority of this clinic will be conducted on the ice. Time will be reserved at the conclusion of the clinic for additional feedback from clinicians on any aspect of the delivery.

*Club must provide off-ice space and video equipment suitable for group.
*Not recommended for stick curlers ( see clinic 5 below)

Clinic #3: Video Analysis  Request here now>>
This 3-hour clinic is largely conducted on ice, with a short off-ice delivery review preceding on-ice analysis. Participants will have an opportunity to practice their delivery, be videotaped and immediately receive technical feedback. After opportunity to correct identified delivery faults/areas for improvement, participants will have an opportunity again to be videoed and receive feedback. Due to the time intensive and personalized feedback that is inherent with this clinic, attendance is limited to 18 with 3 CTP Instructors. Participants will have the opportunity to review their videos and receive key feedback.

*Club must provide off-ice space and video equipment suitable for group.
*If stick curler, a minimum of 6 stick-curlers is required.

Clinic #4: Strategy Clinic  Request here now>>

Option 1: Basic Strategy
This 2-hour off-ice clinic will review some of the basic concepts of strategy. This clinic is suitable for curlers with little to moderate strategic knowledge or experience, or front end players looking to learn more about strategy. This clinic will address the three different types of strategy, how to employ these strategies with appropriate shot selection, factors that influence strategy, and how to play to your team’s strengths. There will be opportunity to engage in discussions regarding different strategic scenarios.

Option 2: Intermediate Strategy
This 2-hour off-ice clinic will address intermediate strategy and would be appropriate for curlers with vice/skip experience. This clinic will build on the basic concepts of strategy by introducing concepts like shot tolerance, end plans, game plans, angles, drag effect and will provide time to actively engage through discussions regarding different shot scenarios.

*Club must provide off-ice space and video equipment suitable for group.

Clinic #5: Stick Clinic  Request here now>>
This 3-hour clinic is designed to provide information, instruction on and technical feedback for curlers who deliver using the stick. There will be off-ice components including background of stick curling, technical overview (delivery), etiquette, rules and equipment review, followed by stick-specific warm up routines, delivery instruction, sweeping instruction with technical feedback throughout. Opportunity will be given towards the end of the clinic for participants to ask additional questions or obtain further feedback.

*Club must provide off-ice space and video equipment suitable for group.

Clinic #6: Build Your Own Clinic  Request here now>>
This 3-hour clinic will include 3 modules which will be selected from the list of available topics to ensure the clinic is tailored to the interests and needs of the attendees. This clinic can be modified in a variety of ways to best suit the club.

Topics include: Brushing, Weight Control, Increasing Hit Weight, Game Play with Technical Assistance, Line of Delivery, Skills Analysis (Delivery), Strategy (off-ice), Rules & Etiquette (off-ice).

*Club must provide off-ice space and video equipment suitable for group.

For more information on the CurlOn Clinic Team Program, please contact Laurence Bishop at 613-876-8150 or [email protected].