CurlON Free Clinic Series
Love of Curling Scholarship

Executive Committee

The volunteer Executive Committee is comprised of the OCA Board of Directors, with the voting members being the sixteen (16) Zone Representatives and the sixteen (16) Associate Zone Repesentatives.

Board of Directors

ChairDoug Kreviazuk[email protected]
Vice-ChairIan Tetley[email protected]
Director of FinanceElaine Brimicombe[email protected]
Director Jonathan Giancroce[email protected]
Director Grant Allman[email protected]
Director Dave Wilkes[email protected]
Director Elizabeth Woolnough[email protected]
Director Robin Guy[email protected]

Zone Representatives

Zone 1RepresentativeAnne Davis[email protected]
Zone 1AssociateWendy Morris[email protected]
Zone 1Junior CoordinatorLinda Laverie[email protected]
Zone 2RepresentativeArt Miskew[email protected]
Zone 2Associate Representative
Zone 2Junior CoordinatorRay Bushfield[email protected]
Zone 3RepresentativeBrent Litle[email protected]
Zone 3Associate RepresentativeGord Stockdale
Zone 3Junior CoordinatorTom Sinclair[email protected]
Zone 4RepresentativeLinda Lott[email protected]
Zone 4Associate RepresentativeDave Collyer[email protected]
Zone 4Junior CoordinatorTom Allore[email protected]
Zone 5RepresentativeSteve Whitehill[email protected]
Zone 5Associate Representative
Zone 5Junior CoordinatorRuss Duhaime[email protected]
Zone 6RepresentativeBob Winters[email protected]
Zone 6Associate RepresentativeKelly Evans[email protected]
Zone 6Junior CoordinatorJoan O'Leary[email protected]
Zone 7RepresentativeLynn Anderson[email protected]
Zone 7Associate RepresentativeAidan Ritchie
Zone 7Junior Coordinator
Zone 8RepresentativeRick Brady[email protected]
Zone 8Associate RepresentativeBrenna Cochrane
Zone 9RepresentativeGordon Stephen
Zone 9Associate RepresentativeJeff Hulse[email protected]
Zone 9Junior Coordinator[email protected]
Zone 10RepresentativeLaurie Rose[email protected]
Zone 10Associate Representative
Zone 10Junior Coordinator
Zone 11Representative
Zone 11Associate Representative
Zone 11Junior Coordinator
Zone 12RepresentativeGerry Sundwall[email protected]
Zone 12Associate RepresentativeLaura Davis-Cook[email protected]
Zone 12Junior CoordinatorSpencer Anderson[email protected]
Zone 13RepresentativeRichard Hueston[email protected]
Zone 13Associate RepresentativeGary Winslow[email protected]
Zone 13Junior Coordinator
Zone 14RepresentativeKelly Moran[email protected]
Zone 14Associate RepresentativeRon Schwartz
Zone 14Junior CoordinatorDon Wilkin[email protected]
Zone 15RepresentativeJim Elliott[email protected]
Zone 15Associate RepresentativeTed Smith[email protected]
Zone 15Junior CoordinatorMark Stouffer[email protected]
Zone 16Representative
Zone 16Associate Representative[email protected]
Zone 16Junior CoordinatorCraig Reed[email protected]