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4 Person Stick Provincial Championship

Eligibility: 4 person teams can be any combination of gender .  

Age restriction:  Competitors must be 19 years of age on November 1, 2019.

  • Dates, Deadlines and Locations

     LocationStart DateEntry DeadlineFees
    4 Person Stick Provincial ChampionshipTBAMar 20Mar 9$200.00

  • Rules and Competitor Guides

    Goal of 32 teams, utilizing a ”Pool” approach, which would guarantee each team 3 games followed by quarter finals / semi-finals / final.  (Can modify down to a minimum 8 teams entered and then using 2 pools, with semi-finals and a final)

    Utilize current CurlON rules of play, with current “Stick” amendments for proper delivery of the stone.

    8 end games

    For speed of play purposes only, a player may utilize two “identical” throwing devices (one at each end
    of the ice)


    • Refer to CSCA rules supplement
    • Participants must be a resident of Ontario as of September 1, 2018  and members of a CurlON associated Curling Club in Ontario, however, the team members do not all have to be members of the same curling club in Ontario.
    • Teams may concede their game at any time.

    2019/2020 Rules Supplement
    2019 Competitor Guide (Coming Soon)

  • Past Champions

    2019 (2 Person)
    2019 (4 Person)