2 Person Stick National Qualifier

Eligibility: 2 person teams can be any combination of gender .  

Age restriction:  Competitors must be 19 years of age on November 1, 2019.

  • Dates, Deadlines and Locations

     LocationStart DateEntry Deadline
    2 Person Stick National QualifierGananoque Curling ClubFeb 1Jan 20

  • Rules and Competitor Guides

    Format would follow the current  Canadian Stick Curling Association rules of play, consisting of 6 end games.  This format allows for 3 games in a day, since they only take just over one hour to play.

    Goal of 32 teams, utilizing a ”Pool” approach, which would guarantee each team 3 games followed by quarter finals / semi-finals / final.  (Can modify down to a minimum 8 teams entered and then using 2 pools, with semi-finals and a final)

    Winners automatically qualify to represent  Ontario at the National Championship in 2020 in SK.  Entry fee and Ontario jackets would be covered for the National Event, travel and lodging would not.  If winners do not intend to participate in National event, we would move on to the runner up and beyond until a willing pair would represent.


    • Refer to CSCA rules supplement
    • Participants must be a resident of Ontario as of September 1, 2019  and members of a CurlON associated Curling Club in Ontario, however, the team members do not all have to be members of the same curling club in Ontario.
    • Teams may concede their game at any time.

    Rule Supplement

  • Past Champions

     Player Player
    2020 (2 Person)
    2019 (2 Person)Ron ScheckenbergerKen Mattis