TSL - Mixed

Rules & Waivers

*NEW* For the 2017-18 season CurlON will no longer require a signed waiver for each competition. All competitors will be informed of the waiver and sign a registry at the event prior to beginning play in any event. This signature will indicate your understanding of the implied waiver and your participation in the event will be a formal acceptance of such waiver.

No competitor will be allowed to begin an event without a formal acknowledgement of the waiver for CurlON events.


Click below to view a PDF of the following:

2017-18 NEW Rules Supplement

Proposing a Rule Change:

To suggest a change to the Rules Supplement, please COMPLETE THIS FORM and send your comments to the Rules Committee for review at rules@ontcurl.com. The Committee meets in the Spring to review all suggestions and update the Rules Supplement which is posted to the website no later than September 1 annually.