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ATTENTION: CurlON is no longer taking requests for the 2017-2018 season. We will be announcing plans for next season in the upcoming weeks. Please stay tuned.

For more information on the CTP, please email lbishop@ontcurl.com.

Updated in time for the 2017-18 season, CurlON has revised the Clinic Team Program. In an attempt to address the growing need for specialized clinics requested by clubs, we have streamlined the clinic offerings including the option to build your clinic to meet your club’s specific requirements. New for this season, all CurlON Member Clubs are entitled to one FREE* clinic, and those clubs with over 200 members are entitled to two FREE* clinics.

*FREE clinics are based on the following criteria:

  1. Clubs with less than 200 members are entitled to one FREE clinic. Clubs with more than 200 members are entitled to two FREE clinics.
  2. Clubs requesting 2 free clinics must be run on same day. These can be run over two days with club assuming estimated additional operational costs (ie. clinician team hotel/meals).
  3. Clubs will receive up to 3 CTP Instructors (up to 24 registrants) for clinics 1, 2, 5 and 7.
  4. Clubs will receive up to 2 CTP Instructors (up to 12 registrants) for clinic 3.
  5. Clubs will receive 1 CTP Instructor (up to 24 registrants) for clinic 4.
  6. Clubs will receive 1 CTP Instructor (up to 16 registrants) for clinic 6.
  7. Club to assume all costs should additional clinicians be required (including from outside their district if required).
  8. Club is to use CTP clinic registration link to sign up attendees (issued after confirmation of clinic request).

To submit your Clinic Team Program request, please see and select from the information below:

CLINIC #1 “Learn to Deliver” 
2-hour on ice session to demonstrate the proper curling technique for throwing a curling stone.

CLINIC #2 “Skills Analysis”
Ideal Class Size 12-24 Maximum – 2-hour on-ice analysis, review and fault correction on curling delivery. There are only 8 curlers in a group with a qualified instructor and each segment of the delivery is analyzed, corrections made, and then the entire delivery is put together.

CLINIC #3 “Video Analysis”
3-hour session; 1 hour off ice to review basic delivery fundamentals; 2 hours on ice to review player deliveries through video. The curler sees his/her delivery on video right on the ice is given corrections and immediately tries to make those corrections and delivers again. Because of the time spent on the ice and the cost of the equipment involved, this clinic is limited to a class size of 12, using 2 instructors and two sets of equipment.

CLINIC #4 “Strategy Clinic”
2-hour off ice session. Details of the Strategy Clinic will depend on the knowledge level of the group. Often times the skill level is varied with both competitive and novice curlers in the same group. For that reason the instructor will have to decide what to teach after meeting the group and determining where their interests lie and the extent of their knowledge. A variety of interactive applications of strategy concepts is offered.

CLINIC #5 “Stick Clinic”
The stick was invented and refined by curlers who wanted to continue to play but were physically unable to use the traditional slide delivery. This clinic can be offered to new curlers and therefore would take 2 to 4-hours depending (this can be the simple version, 2 hours on ice or the more detailed version, 4-hours with an off-ice presentation followed by time on the ice) and involve orientation to the game, equipment, rules, etiquette, brushing and delivery technique. For seasoned curlers who are converting from the traditional slide delivery, a 2-hour clinic can be presented. A maximum instructor ratio of 1:8 students is recommended.

CLINIC #6 “Coach Refresher”
This 2-hour session is for clubs that wish to provide an update or refresher to coaches who have previously taken NCCP training (Club Coach, Club Coach:  Youth, Competition Coach, Competition Development or the Levels system).  Coaches can expect to receive an update in technical skills, teaching methodologies, etc…  Certified Coaches are eligible to receive two professional development credits towards their NCCP maintenance of certification for participation in this clinic.

CLINIC #7 “Build Your Clinic”
Clubs have the opportunity to select from a menu of specific skills. Typically, each hour can be dedicated to two skills. Clubs will be able to determine the number of skills selected and the length of the clinic (3-hour Max).

On Ice Topics include:
Brushing, Timing (using stopwatches effectively), Weight Control, Hit Weight Development, Line of Delivery, Skills Analysis (Delivery/Brushing), Communication and Game Play with Technical Assistance

Off-Ice Topics include:
Team Dynamics/Player Roles and Responsibilities, Rules, Etiquette, Communication and Game Plans/Strategy

For more information on the CurlOn Clinic Team Program, please contact Laurence Bishop at 613-876-8150 or lbishop@ontcurl.com.