TSL - Mixed

Master Men

Master Men is a competition for adult curlers (60+)  which means athletes born on or before December 31, 1957.  With teams comprised of four male players.


  • Dates, Deadlines and Locations

    Provincial FinalStart Date     
    St. Mary's Curling ClubJanuary 10, 2018Scoreboard

    Provincial QualifierProvincial Qualifier LocationStart DateEntry Deadline 
    ABrighton Curling Club12/16/1711/05/17Qualifier 1-2
    BScarboro Golf & Country Club12/16/1711/05/17Qualifier 3-4
    CFergus Curling Club12/16/1711/05/17Qualifier 5-6
    DWalkerton Golf & Curling Club12/16/1711/05/17Qualifier 7-8

    QualifierQualifier LocationStart DateEntry Deadline 
    1Prescott Curling Club11/24/1711/05/17REGISTER
    2Campbellford & District Curling Club11/24/1711/05/17REGISTER
    3Unionville Curling Club11/24/1711/05/17REGISTER
    4St. Georges Golf & Country Club11/24/1711/05/17REGISTER
    5Bradford & District Curling Club11/24/1711/05/17REGISTER
    6Westmount Golf & Country Club11/24/1711/05/17REGISTER
    7Maitland Country Club11/24/1711/05/17REGISTER
    8Glencoe Curling Club11/24/1711/05/17REGISTER

  • Rules and Competitor Guides

    • All competitors must be citizens or residents of Canada.
    • At time of online entry, all players and coaches must provide the OCA a signed waiver form (Exhibit # 6) which may require the signature of a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under the legal age (18) of majority in order to be eligible to compete.
    • The curling aid commonly referred to as a “delivery stick” shall be permitted at any level of this competition.
    • By entering an Ontario Curling Association competition, each player thereby agrees:
      • a) to act in accordance with and be bound by the rules and policies of the Ontario Curling Association and, where applicable, Curling Canada; and
      • b) if the player wins the right to do so, to compete in successive levels of the competition except where prevented by unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances.

    2017-18 NEW Rules Supplement

    Competitor Guide

  • Past Champions

    YearClubSkipThird SecondLead
    2017Russell Curling ClubBruce DelaneyRick BachandBrian HendersonDave Stanley
    2016Russel Curling ClubBruce DelaneyRick BachandBrian HendersonDave Stanley
    2015Dundas Granite Curling ClubWayne GowanRhod TrainorPaul BolducJohn Nixon
    2014Rideau Curling ClubLayne NobleRick BachandBob HannaBob Boland
    2013Scarboro Golf & Country ClubBob TurcotteRoy WeigandBob LeclairBrian Cooke
    2012Guelph Country ClubMike DoreyBrian HendersonGary HoughtonPaul Knight
    2011Ottawa Culring ClubLayne NobleRick BachandRandy GarlandCal Hegge
    2010Guelph Country ClubMike DoreyBrian HendersonGary HoughtonPaul Knight
    2009Oakville Curling ClubBob EdmondsonDavid StewartMichael SkafelBrian Longley
    2008Oakville Curling ClubBob EdmondsonDavid StewartBrian LongleyGraham MacEachern
    2007Oakville Curling ClubBob EdmondsonDavid StewartBrian LongleyGraham MacEachern
    2006Oakville Curling ClubDavid StewartGraham MacEachernJohn McIsaacBob Haw
    2005Ottawa Curling ClubRod MathesonEldon CoombeRon BrownGeorges Bourgon
    2004Oakville Curling ClubBob EdmondsonDave StewartGraham MacEachernBob Haw
    2003Royal Canadian Curling ClubJim SharplesMichael SkafelBrian LongleyArt Lobel
    2002Cornwall Curling ClubBill DickieRod MathesonGeorge DolesjiKeith MacGregor
    2001Cornwall Curling ClubBill DickieRod MathesonGeorge DolesjiKeith MacGregor
    2000Royal Canadian Curling ClubJim SharplesBrian LongleyJoe GurokwaArt Lobel
    1999Bratford & District Curling ClubBill BennettTed HeelsRay CattonArt Howe
    1998Bayview Country ClubBarry GoringRoss PierceMurray ChambersJohn Bayes
    1997Ottawa Curling ClubRod MathesonJack RossBob McKenzieGord Cummings
    1996Highland Country ClubJoe MorozHank BetkusDwight WesengerJim Condon
    1995Orangeville Curling ClubKen Scovell Harry CareyRoy StrongMurray Taylor
    1994Peterborough Curling ClubEarle HushagenJim RobinsonBill PetersonBert Baragar
    1993Peterborough Curling ClubEarle HushagenJim RobinsonBill PetersonBert Baragar
    1992Brockville Country ClubGord McCradyDoug IrvineFred EdwardsBruce Watson
    1991Carelton Heights Curling ClubPat HamiltonDel TracyLen BairdDon Ellis
    1990Ottawa Curling ClubKen HartRoy JamesCec MorrissRae Brown
    1989Brant Curling ClubDon ThomasGeorge CampbellBill ReddickBob Ion
    1988Brampton Curling ClubJack Bryans
    1987Sarnia Golf & Curling ClubAndy Allen
    1986Dundas Valley Golf & Curling ClubBob Mann
    1985Ottawa Granite Curling ClubJoe Shkwarek
    1984Donalda Curling ClubWilf Lederman
    1983City View Curling ClubBill Wagner
    1982Unionville Curling ClubCarl WallaceRuss PearsonTom PressHi Lawrie
    1980Unionville Curling ClubTony FeatherstoneForman LawrenceJohn MacLeod
    1979Ottawa Curling ClubTed RootRalph SmithBob MartinElwyn MacDonald
    1978Barrie Curling ClubEdgar ClarkMarshall CampbellVern AdamsKen McKenzie
    1977St. George's Golf & Country ClubDoug LanninNorm PennyFred PearsonJim Mitchell