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Welcome to the CurlON Clinic Team Program Resource Centre

This CurlON Clinic Team Program (CTP) Resource Centre provides all clinic attendees access to all reference documents and great learning tools. Come back often and stay up-to-date with great new resources aimed at making your game better in your curling club leagues and events!


CTP Clinics – Technical Resources

Clinic #1: “Learn to Deliver” 

Available Resources:

  1. Warm-up handout
  2. “Delivery Basics” Pocket Book

Clinic #2: “Skills Analysis” 

Available Resources:

  1. Warm-up handout
  2. “Delivery Basics” Pocket Book

Clinic #3: “Video Analysis” 

Available Resources:

  1. Warm-up handout
  2. Delivery Basics PowerPoint
  3. Drills to Die For (Progressive Hog Line)
  4. Drills to Die For (Crazy Eights)

NOTE: CTP Instructors use either Hudl Technique or Coach’s Eye video analysis applications on their personal mobile phone or tablet device. You can download the very same application on your own device too!

Download Hudl Technique- Video Analysis (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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  • Hudl Technique is free in the App Store; simply record from your mobile device for 1:1 instruction/training
  • A full inventory of training articles for this tool are available here>>
  • Summary: Hudl Technique is a simple tool for any curling coach to use who is wanting to incorporate video coaching

Download Coach’s Eye – Video Analysis ($6.99 DOWNLOAD)

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Clinic #4: “Strategy Clinic”

Available Resources:

  1. Strategy Introduction PowerPoint (Print Friendly Version)
  2. Simple Strategy Summary
  3. Strategy – New Terminology
  4. FESRAIN handout
  5. Dice Game Scoring

Clinic #5: “Stick Clinic” 

Available Resources:

  1. Delivery Basics PowerPoint
  2. Warm-up handout
  3. Dynamic Warm Up For Stick Curlers
  4. Drills to Die For
  5. Rules of Etiquette for Curling

Clinic #6: “Coach Refresher”

Available Resources:

  1. Delivery Triangle handout
  2. Delivery Basics PowerPoint
  3. “Delivery Basics” Pocket Book
  4. ALTC sweeping overview
  5. CCA Rules – Refer to Section 18

Clinic #7: “Build Your Clinic – Modules” 

Available Resources:

  1. Hit Weight Development